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       Start by saying that based in my 25 years experience guiding fishermen from many different countries all around the world, I can affirm that most of the fly fishermen would rather fish in faraway/isolated places, with little or none presence of fishermen. This is not egoism but is directly related to the state of the area, without garbage, and, most importantly water with no fishing pressure; this is the clear distinction between success and failure in a fly fishing trip. Even more the fly fishermen don´t like moving through long distances every day if they can avoid it.
Dry fly fishing, the largest wild trout in Chilean Patagonia...
Absolutely all the clients I have guided, have caught with me the largest brown trout of their life...

E-mail : julio@coyhaiqueflyfishing.com
Sitio Web : www.coyhaiqueflyfishing.com
Diego Portales 195
Coyhaique, XI Región, Chile
        If you agree with me, then we can offer the place you´re looking for, where you will get the feel of being one of the few privileged to live, enjoy an deal with the nature in its entire splendor; there is none (or very few) housing in our fishing areas, neither lamp post, electric light nor roads, horns; There are neither docks, jet skies nor other fishing boats than ours. There is no cell phone signal, internet connection nor TV signal. This area hosts a high quality of brown trouts population in size and quantity hard to find anywhere else around the world.

        We have two row boats ready to take on board in each of this three privileged places just a few minutes from our accommodation, Misterioso Lake, Los Juncos Lake and Lobuno Lake, bodies of water between 80 and 200 hectares, that makes them safety and the perfect structures for the big trouts development . Having the row boats in the very exact location, avoiding long distances with the trailers, allows us to gain comfort and lots of fishing hours. To lodge in the same place we´re fishing is priceless in addition to fish/besides fishing healthy, big trouts.

        I consider myself an environment protectionist and, especially for recreational fishing; I´ve been actively collaborating as inspector ad honorem in fishing over a great many years (I have for many years been collaborating actively). This work aids in maintaining equilibrium in the area and most of the fishermen who visit our fishing area are willing to be environmentally friendly and obey the fishing rules. If you choose our service I can assure you that you´ll get the best fishing experience and exceed your expectations without any doubts.

Julio Meier Trujillo.

Rodeo los Palos Lodge operator.

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